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Ayu Azhari No son Region

Because Ayu No Son Region, Citizens Sukabumi Less comfortable with Ayu Azhari

Plan advances Ayu Azhari as Vice Regent Sukabumi addressed directly by local residents. Ayu background torn into consideration citizens to vote. Residents also said the candidate who is not the son of the area will not win.

"People think less comfortable. And she was once a hot film. Keep her family life is also not very harmonious. Yes cocoklah not be a leader," said one citizen Saepudin (28) on the AFP in Sukabumi, Sunday (27/12/2009).

Saepudin added, he and other residents still do not know the origin Ayu Azhari. "If Desy Ratnasari obviously mah Newspapers. If it was not the son I think the area would not win," he explained.

However, the housewife was admitted not knowing much about the progress of Ayu Azhari. "Because there are no pamphlets or banners like the other candidates. We just heard from the TV alone," he added

Ayu Azhari ready Photo spread

Foto Ayu Azhari 

Ayu Azhari Foto's Ready When deployed Syurnya
 Recently, the photos exciting scene Ayu Azhari circulating on the internet. Is ready it happen again? Ayu who signed up to be a prospect that Vice Regent Sukabumi, ready to answer it.

"I was ready to be like this. When talking about the past I answer yes, to live alone," Ayu said when met after following the fit & proper test in the office of the DPP, PDIP, Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta, Thursday (4/2/2010 ).
Meanwhile, for the films currently available, Balon (Bakal Candidate) Sukabumi Regent claimed the program was questioned. He said, all his films was through a process at the Institute of Film Censorship that everything can not be questioned.

Sister Sarah Azhari explained that, syurnya pictures being circulated, not a new image. Pictures taken from the scene the movie 'Without Mercy' is, never running because censored LSF.
It appears the pieces , but it's not like that," said Ayu.

Wife of singer Mike Tramp is also hoping the community does not equate himself with his roles in movies or soap operas. "If I like the thinkers in the movie, too shallow. But it's up to the community. I accept , because there is, what can I say," he explained
Ayu was submitted to the public, the public assessment of how him.she was ready to accept anything that discussed and set by the society for herself.

Ayu Azhari may Teror

Ayu Azhari

Ayu Azhari :  What's wrong with me why on terror?

Actress Ayu Azhari who was trying to be his vice-regent Sukabumi, claiming a lot of terror. Ayu admitted confused why she was so terrorized repeatedly

Terror is not just now, first time artists have so often. But now it's more terror. What's wrong until I was terrorized," said sister Sarah Azhari and Rahma was when found in the country of Love Assembly, at the Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/2/2010).

The terrors that come in Ayu, usually via SMS. Though terrorized, soap star 'Angel' is to remain calm.
Terror is not only now, days before the artist so often a terror. We have had more terror, but what's wrong until I was terrorized, "he said when met at the Artist's Rights Democracy in Libra Room, Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, Wednesday (17 / 2).
Ayu poise makes kids wonder. "My son once said, are you not afraid? Are you warrior? But I go on," he explained.

If the children know the terror of it, her husband, Mike Tramp is the opposite. Mike is not too fluent in Indonesia, never read the SMS-SMS which was sent in the Indonesian language it.
For the preparation of the nomination, former movie star who did not feel the heat disturbed by the photos that circulated past since entered the political stage, 98% ready. But when asked to plan the future, Ayu is still reluctant to answer.

Ayu grateful, though many of terror, his family remains supportive. For example, when the Homeland Love Assembly, Wednesday (17/2/2010), Mike would ngamen though without pay at all.
Ayu was never stopped despite continuous teroran, but Ayu increasingly confident and confirmed his intentions to stand up and notice the little people.

60 Thousand SMS Support Ayu Azhari

Get Ayu Azhari 60 Thousand SMS Support in Two Months
Threats to Ayu Azhari by phone and SMS continue to flow. But support to the mother of six children was also not small.
"There are about 60 thousand more that support SMS, support or encourage the candidacy Ayu. Not to mention the phone to us," said Secarpiandy, lawyer Ayu Azhari.
Thousands of SMS is starting to flow from the registration participation Ayu in PDI-P Sukabumi, 2009 and December 24. Because of Ayu's phone number appeared on the application form, the media and the public would know that.
Support was even more than that received Ayu terror. Secarpiandy tells us that in fact there are many members of society respect to Ayu
"I think that does not mean failure in all but still keep the boy's house was also a big responsibility, or return to the entertainment. 
Sheza idris  was disappointed with the failure to represent artists Ayu politics. Because humans have the capability of each. Certainly we support the positive, "he explained, Sunday (28 / 2), in Senayan."The most serious threat seems cuman 15 SMS. Miskol rest only or SMS is not clear," he said.With that much support, Ayu feel more confident about their participation in the nomination of Vice Regent of Sukabumi. He even more enthusiasm to continue to fight for kesehjateraan and public rights of Sukabumi.
Certainty Ayu ran as Candidate Vice Regent new Soekaboemi be determined on February 22, 2010. Neither pair of Sukabumi Regent candidate who will accompany Ayu

Ayu Azhari